So... there are some aspects of being a teacher that ALWAYS get brought into the home... teachable moments, time on task, responsibility, etc...
Today was out FIRST day using our morning responsibility/JOB chart.  For the record, it's NEVER to early to incorporate the kiddos in helping with chores around the house!  Even Wyatt 11mo will help 'clean up... clean up... everybody everywhere..' (I KNOW some of you were singing along with me) the bathtub toys or his toys in the play yard.  Addison has been doing these things for some time now but if I want to ADD things to her 'list'... then I have to START with things she can already do!  **She's GOT to be successful to stick with it!!**  So, I've been a little busy and haven't gotten the chart put together but, I've had it designed and ready for some time now :-/ LIFE got in the way...SHEESH!! 

Now, I KNOW that there are LOTS of different chore charts and whatnot and you can DEFINITELY google it and come up with some GREAT printables.  You can even find stuff at the store (office supply stores often sell BLANK charts).  But, I wanted something SIMPLE and (of course) FUN!  So here's what I came up with...

Now... Lemme explain WHAT this is... I started with pictures of Addison and the words that explain WHAT she's supposed to do.  I covered them in self-laminating pages (for an ATTEMPT at protecting them) and just scotch taped them to the fridge.

And I made a 'thumbs up' symbol  magnet to show that the task has been completed.

And... in the end... SHE LOVED IT!!!  She was running back and forth to put up another marker... she was SO PROUD!  So, for like another couple weeks we'll just do this.  THEN, I will incorporate an evening routine/JOB chart!


  1. Very cool, Katie. We have been doing the Melissa & Doug responsibility chart for about 3 weeks now with Keagan. He is very proud as well and can't wait to put up his magnets for doing his chores. This one is very cool and can be transitioned as they get older. All of the chores and even desired behaviors are on magnets and it also comes with a few blank ones. Everything from "taking care of your pet" to "sharing."

  2. LOVE this idea!!!! Once I finish up with my easter projects with the girls I'm going to make this!! Love it!

  3. LOVE this!Its so cool that you made it so personal. Some of the store bought ones are better than nothing but your success will be in her pride in seeing herself in the pics. She is such a natural helper this will really encourage her. GREAT job!