Hanging Art Display

Thanks reader Nikki C (and hubby) from GA for this ADORABLE DIY project!! Don't you just love when you find cute things decorating a kids room in a magazine or a store. Don't you just HATE when you see the PRICE?! UGH!!! Well, that's JUST what happened here. Nikki saw this cute picture hanging device in a pricey (but super cute) catalog. In an effort to save some funds, she showed the picture to her husband and... away he went!

So... HERE is a pic of the 'model'... WHERE Nikki got the idea. In the end, you'll see... the $10 it cost them to make this was WELL worth it (considering the 'name brand' one is $39.99)!!

Nikki found a star pattern online (not sure that link is the EXACT one they used... but, it IS a link to a pattern). and traced it on mdf board and cut it out. Drilled a hole in the back and fed wire through. They saved money by painting the star with paint leftover from painting a room in their house (*good tip*).

The hangers are those simple magnets for teachers with little " s" hooks to hang them to the wire.

And... THAT'S IT... $10... or $39.99... the choice is YOURS!!!


**If you have a GREAT DIY idea or project, PLEASE feel free to email me info and/or pics of your projects so we can share them with others!**

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