STORMS!!! Let's Chat...

So... as I'm sitting here listening to this CRAZY thunderstorm right outside my window, shaking the walls with every clap, I can't help but wonder if there are others who get as anxious as I do when there is a storm.  ANYONE?  Please tell me I'm not CRAZY!  It started this morning around 5:37 (ok so MAYBE I looked at the clock and never went back to sleep).  I whipped out my phone to look at the weather map and see how long this CHOAS was supposed to last.  Here's what I saw...

So, right... KINDA encouraging at first glance... the 'bad stuff' just passed... BUT WAIT... what's that??  MORE BAD STUFF!!!!  UGH!!!

LUCKILY, my kids slept right through it (must be nice).  But, I'm pretty sure if they had woken up, I would have been even MORE stressed.  ALSO... luckily the power didn't go out (well, hasn't YET... knock on wood).  So that's another PLUS. 

Here's what things look like right now:

HOPEFULLY it won't be much longer now.  HOPEFULLY!

So, my question is... what do you do?  Anything special you do to calm down during a storm (snow/thunder...WHATEVER)?  Do your kids sleep through it?  Do they even bother you?  Are you one of those CRAZY people *wink wink* who LOVE storms (I seriously do NOT understand that)?? 

Let's chat... 


  1. haha! Katie you crack me up! try drinking a calming tea.. I feel like that always helps me when i'm stressed or nervous.. Here are some good ones: http://www.managingstressnow.com/2008/10/top-10-stress-relieving-teas/

    It would also help if you prayed and remembered God's in control and it's not your time to go yet.. that also helps me ;)

  2. Girl... I was praying OUT LOUD...just HOPING that God would be SURE to hear me! I was TRYING TRYING TRYING to just 'let it go'... 'give it to HIM'... NOT SO EASY! I don't know if I worry about my safety as much as the safety of my children. I didn't want to wake them... but I wanted to go get em and have a campout in the closet. LUCKILY it didn't last too long. MAYBE that wasn't luck at all... MAYBE it was an answer to my prayers!! ;-)