Happy Birthday!! Let's chat...

So today my BABY turns one!  I can't believe how quickly time FLIES!  One day you're begging them to crawl and rollover and the next day you're telling them to slow down!  So, I'm wondering if you guys have any fun birthday traditions?! 

Growing up, my mom always went ALL OUT on birthday parties (LOVED it as a kid... however, it sets the bar high when I start planning MY kids parties... I mean, I had awesome parties, why shouldn't they?!).  Every party had a theme and when I say ALL OUT... I mean ALL out...

-I had a 'formal dinner party' themed party, we all wore fancy dresses, my dad wore a fancy outfit and escorted the guests in, mom and some friends wore chef's hats and served us.
-My sister had a 'Double Dare' party (do you remember that show?!?!?!)... my mom paper mached a HUGE nose for 'Da Nose' (c'mon those of you who remember the show... DEF remember Da Nose).
-We both had a 50s party.  Mom turned the back porch into a malt shop, we had malts, did the twist... it was awesome!

We also have a fun tradition... on your birthday you get breakfast in bed AND you get to pick what we eat for dinner.  They're all fun ways to make YOUR day special!!

Right, so we are having the birthday party next weekend.  So, standby for pictures and updates for how things go.  Hopefully everything will work out!!

So what about you?  Do you have fun traditions??  Do tell!!
Let's chat...

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