*Tip* Getting RID of the Pacifier!! Let's Chat...

Clearly, my babies LOVE their pacifier.  I do too, much better than sucking their thumb (MY opinion).  Nothing more germy than a thumb... why NOT stick it in your mouth?!  YUCK!  ok... back to the topic at hand.
This tip comes from yours truly.  So, I had just had Wyatt and Addison was 2.  She still took the paci... ONLY when she was going to bed (unless she was sick... then sometimes she'd take it when she was resting).  But, she's never had to have it any other time (Wyatt, that's a different story).  Anyhow, I was noticing Addison's teeth shifting and realizing that it probably was time to get rid of the paci... BUT HOW?!  So, like any good mom, I googled it ;-)  I found lots of ideas on how to get rid of the paci.  But, here's what worked for us... (I feel sneaky and giddy just thinking about how slick I was ;-)).  I took HER paci and with a pair of scissors, I cut a slit in it (NOT as easy as it sounds... those things are THICK).  I didn't cut it off or anything.  It still looked the same, but if you tried to suck on it well... it didn't 'work'.  So, here we were... nap time (I wasn't brave enough to try bed time FIRST).  I laid her down like normal, gave her her blanket, handed her the paci, kissed her forehead, turned on her music and snuck out.  A few minutes later she was calling for me.  When I walked in, she was holding the paci and handing it to me... with her nose all turned up (so sassy).  Long story short... her paci was broken :-( I have no idea HOW that happened ;-)... in the end, it was HER choice.  SHE decided that the paci was broken and that was it.  She still asked for it the next few times, and I handed it to her.  But, it didn't take long for her to remember that it was 'broken.' 

I was excited because without me 'taking' it or any drama, feeling bad, crying, etc... we were PACI FREE in like 2 days! 

So... let's hear YOUR ways to say good-bye to the pacifier... any other good ones?  Let's chat...


  1. Nice work Mama!!

    Ava had her binky until she was 2 3/4 and like you, she only had it in her room. It never left her room unless we were on a long road trip. When we transitioned her to a big girl bed, we wrapped it up and gave it to the new addition in our family, her cousin Max. It worked like a charm. Never asked for it again!

  2. Oooh.... excellent tip! Can't wait to lose my son's paci... Stopping by from the UBP and can't wait to see more of your blog.


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  4. OK.. most timely post of the night! My son is 2 and we've weaned him off it when he's at my parents while we work. But at home at nap/bedtime, not so much. (maybe Momma guilt playing in there) I am going to try this as we need to let it go (same thing, not good for his teeth - he's 2 and they're shifting) I love this idea as it makes it his idea and he can't suck it even if he wants to keep it to hold it. Brilliant!

  5. @chimom and jessica... THANKS for stopping by! I will be hopping over to your sites when I'm done here! Be sure to 'like' me on FB if you don't mind.

    @RJ... it seriously worked like a charm for us! GOOD LUCK! Let me know how it goes for you! :-)

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  9. My first gave up the paci on his own, my second son was a little hard to give it up but eventually gave up!

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  10. Hi! I’m belatedly stopping by from the UBP. Nice to meet you! My kids didn't take a pacifier past a few months, so I don't have any good advice for you- good luck!
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