Brownie Bites (thank you PARCHMENT PAPER)

So I'm SURE that I have SEVERAL talented readers when it comes to baking.  So here's a twist on everyday brownies that some of you may know... and some (like myself) might NOT!

I bought a plain brownie box mix (that was on sale and I bought WITH coupons...OF COURSE). 

Mixed the ingredients as directed.

*Here's the good part*
I scooped the mix with a melon baller (I LOVE my melon baller) onto a round baking stone cover in...PARCHMENT PAPER!  The paper makes the brownie mix stay put. 

THAT'S IT!  Now, I would honestly suggest eating them when they're still warm.  Once they've cooled they aren't as chewy :-(...

**another YUMMY idea**
Using parchment paper and a round baking stone, you can make a HUGE brownie cake (remember that with the parchment paper, it won't run off of the stone)

Mix an 8oz pkg of cream cheese with 2 tablespoons of sugar.  Make sure that the brownie cools completely and then spread the cream cheese on top.  Then top with whatever yummy fruit pieces you want (I like bananas and strawberries- with Hershey's syrup...OF COURSE).


(and for you baking pros... some of us are just a little slower than others.  Thanks for being patient ;-))

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  1. Yum! I see a baking lesson in this afternoons school time! This will work great for me because I don't ever have the will power to let the brownies cool long enough so that they cut clean and they end up looking like a mess! Thanks for posting. :)