It is FINISHED (with a GREAT sandbox tip)!!

The sandbox making has been a journey.  And is a pretty simple project.  You could DEFINITELY build this in a weekend (or less) if you have some undivided time ;-) (not much of an option for ME).

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom... there's a GREAT sandbox tip!!!

ok... so in case you haven't heard about this project... here's a recap...

THIS was Addison's 'sandbox'... so sad.  She LOVED digging in this nasty DIRT!  She'd come inside COVERED in it... BLEH...

So... I built the walls.  I cut 2x4's... 6' for one side and 4' for the other.  I cut 12" stakes and screwed them all together (3 high).... I did it during a nap time... PRETTY EASY!!

Connected the walls (with the help of my Handy Hubby) with 3" galvanized screws.... and then screwed in a sheet of plywood on the bottom.

Our little Handy Helper joined in the work too :-)

Then we lined the box with landscape cloth.  And got ready for sand. 

We looked at bags of 'playground sand' online and at local hardware stores.  And quite frankly to fill a sandbox that is 24 cubic feet with sand is EX...PEN...SIVE!!!  Sooooooo  we went to a concrete supply company and got masonry sand... an ENTIRE TRUCKLOAD for $35!!!!  We filled the sandbox (overflowing) and had enough to do another project... keep an eye out for that one ;-)  QUITE a savings!  All in all... we built a good sized wooden sandbox, FILLED with sand (and then some) for $50.00!  Good stuff :-) 


  1. Now ready yourself for all that sand to find its way all over the house ;) For some reason my bed is a magnet for the kids after they have been in the sandbox! As they are coming in I always say .... "kick off the extra sand and wash off." But I think they hear... "go jump on my bed and try to scare the cat." Then when my husband goes to go to bed I hear... "Why is there sand ALL over our bed!" Ahhhh fun stuff. Just wait. ;)

  2. Great tip for getting the sand off of them before they come in...keep a big bottle of baby powder by the door. Baby Powder will make the sand slide right off their feet and hands (and where ever else they get it). Great project!! Mine LOVES her sandbox and if we had a big enough space, I would totally make this for her! Maybe at the next house ;)