Pirate Party

WHEW... just finished up the first of MANY dual birthday parties. Heck my kids birthdays are about 2 weeks apart... so a party in the middle?! YES! DEFINITELY!! Thanks to Disney Jr.'s Jake and the Neverland Pirates ("Treasure Island" to Addison?!?!), we had a pirate themed party.

So, first I went to etsy.com and bought some PRECIOUS graphics... (which you can see in the pictures... I couldn't load them here because of copyright stuff. It's a super easy and SUPER cute way to make a party personal...you know, not just the same ole store bought party. This one looks like you took WAY more time and/or $ to create.

The pirates were red, black, and white... (colors that I LOVE... It's GREAT to be a Fighting Indian... AND... GO DAWGS!!!)... ANYHOW, I created a Happy Birthday banner by using Microsoft Word I typed the letters with a pattern inside and put the letters in a circle. Then, I glued them onto a piece of red or black card stock.

The kids at the party were all 3 and under... with that in mind, I tried to just make a few 'stations' with pirate themed things to do... and then just let the kids play.  No real order of events (except the eating/cake/presents part...of course).

One of the stations was digging for treasure...

I 'buried' plastic gold coins in the sand and let the kids dig for treasure... THEY LOVED IT!!!

The other 'station' was decorating a treasure box (got a set of 12 for $14.99-on sale- came with decorations and everything... gotta LOVE oriental trading).

The cake was AWESOME (made by my mom and sister... so don't let me take credit at all for it). 
I will be posting directions for the cake next week. 

So that was our weekend.  Needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED! 

I would LOVE to hear about fun ideas that you do with your kiddos for their birthday party!  Please feel free to email me any stories/ideas/pictures handyhousemom@gmail.com.

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