Sound Machine Tip

 Ok... so I got this from one of my FAVORITE deal sites Steals and Deals for Kids...
Once we had baby number 2 a sound machine was a MUST !  It seemed that every time I would finally get one kid to sleep, the other one would wake up.  It was a VICIOUS cycle... I felt like I was getting NOWHERE!!  So... I just waned something simple... I opted for a sound machine... I just wanted white noise.  You know, to drown out the crying in the room next door.

This is the one that we chose.  It was perfect.  Small, inexpensive, loud ;-), light... you get the picture.  It really was/is great.  we could take it with us on road trips and it worked very well for us.

Unfortunately, my rough and tough infant quickly started pulling up on things and standing and become a wobbly, grabbing, toddler.  He definitely stood there playing with the sound machine and dropped it :-(  so... now we've got 1 machine and 2 kids.  It's ok some times... but others, times we need one!

So here's the tip part 2... INSTEAD of buying ANOTHER sound machine, you can just click here and download a $0.99 MP3... yeah that's a RIDICULOUS savings amount!!

Hope this helps...

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