Super Hero Birthday Party

Thanks SO much to HH reader, Casey for sharing this FUN birthday party idea with us!

Casey's little guy just turned 1 and for his birthday she went all out (on an AWESOME budget... under $60) and had a sweet Super Hero party!

To start, Casey sent out invitations with a precious super hero cape for each kid to wear at the party.  Now, Casey is pretty crafty and handy with a sewing machine.  I know that I can use a sewing machine HOWEVER, that would take me QUITE a while to accomplish.  So, for folks like me... we too can make capes using stitch witchery (the girls had red and the boys had blue).

Casey used the bright red, blue, and yellow colors for her palette.  LOVED this idea.  She used Styrofoam pieces to make the cupcake tower!  VERY inexpensive!  She spray painted it and can reuse it again.

Casey set up an area for the kids to make their own super hero masks.  VERY cute idea.  It was so simple that my 16 month old had fun making a mask himself.  You just used a little stick to scratch off the black and colors would shine through.  She got the masks from Oriental Trading.

For the centerpieces, she bought poster board, glitter, floral foam, a bucket, and wooden skewers.  Here are step by step pictures...

She used the paper plate to cover the floral foam.

Casey also made a precious photo spot for the kids to take super hero pictures leaping over tall buildings (using a science fair board).

The birthday boy and his mommy and daddy :-)


If you have an awesome birthday party and would like to share it with us, e-mail me pictures and info explaining what you did.  I would LOVE to feature your party (handyhousemom@gmail.com).

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