Self Feeding Oatmeal *tip*

So, there definitely comes a time when as a mom, feeding your child becomes a task.  In my mind, I'm thinking... I could be unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, making my bed... SLEEPING (not really but, still...).  Well, my little guy pretty much eats oatmeal EVERY day for breakfast.  He's ok with pancakes/waffles and can self feed himself those, even scrambled eggs sometimes.  But I don't want to feed him waffles EVERYday (even though I use sugar free syrup... just not too keen on the idea).  So, back to the oatmeal... Have YOU ever let a 17 month old feed themselves ANYTHING?  It is a nasty, but necessary sight.  

Oatmeal is especially dangerous... sticky... sometimes runny... the list goes on.  Well, a friend of mine, Angie showed our MOPs group this AWESOME tip, and we've been using it pretty diligently.  It's easy and fun and frees up my time in the morning!!  So, thanks ANGIE!!!

Are you ready for the tip??

Get out your oatmeal as usual....

(We have the yummy bakery flavors right now... oatmeal was BOGO at Publix last week... YES!!!)

Make the oatmeal thicker than usual (pretty thick).  I don't measure the water, but I basically put in enough water to get the oats wet...

Cook the oatmeal like normal (I cook it for 1 minute),

See?  MUCH thicker than normal.

 and then...

Scoop it out with a melon baller!!  (By the way... the ejecting type melon baller here probably works the best... but I'm sure anything could work). 


He gets the satisfaction of feeding himself.  I get the satisfaction of knowing that he's eating his oatmeal, not making a disaster, and having fun!!  LOVE this tip!  Thanks again Angie!


  1. Can't wait to try it! Need to get a melon scooper first ;-)

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for the tip!