Pumpkin Lanterns

Thanks to HH reader, Heather for sharing this super fun and easy fall craft with us!!

Here's what she did:

She took plain canning jars (she used smooth jars, probably easiest to do that...) and put a few pieces of painters tape on the jar.  

In the tape, she used a box cutter and 'drew' shapes to make the face.  She left the shapes on the jar and removed the strips of tape.

**Get the kids involved here**

Heather let her little guy help her with the painting and covered the jar in plain 'ole regular orange craft paint (she did 2 coats).

Here's the trick... normally, you'd think that you could just peel the shapes off.  Well, that doesn't quite work here.  You'll want to use the box cutter again and cut out the shapes so that you don't peel off more than you want to.  Then, she covered everything with Mod Podge to prevent any chipping off of the paint.

That's pretty much it.  Drop in a tealight or votive depending on the size of your jar.  Tie a ribbon, or yarn, or whatever you want around the top to finish it off. 

Light the candle and VOILA...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Heather!!!

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