I've missed you...

Well, well, well.... after taking a solid 2 months off... I'm back.  I feel refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.

The holidays were awesome but exhausting all at the same time.  It's amazing to me how much is built up in celebration for one single day.  This year, my family tried to really have a smooth easy Christmas and focus on the true meaning of the day.  We started the morning off... yes BEFORE breakfast and BEFORE presents... by blessing strangers and I think, were truly blessed in return.  Then, we headed home and well watching the children open presents is probably one of the greatest presents that a parent can have.  Their eyes light up with excitement when they see the gifts... wrapped.  It only gets BETTER as they open them all!

There was of course, LOTS of eating... and just hanging out spending time together.  The time was a true blessing for all of us.

We stayed with the no stress theme of things and went over to a friends house, put the kids to bed (except my A decided to stay WIDE AWAKE until 2 AM) and the mommies and daddies played games.  What is it about a grown up playing charades that is SO incredibly funny?  I don't know that I can put it into words... BUT, it IS funny!!!

My husbands unit hosted a family day so we (the kids, my mom, my brother, and I) went to his work.  We got to do fun things like clear rooms in a house, shoot targets, go through an obstacle course, ride on different military vehicles, see their equipment and lots of other FUN stuff.  We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and made it home just in time for an awesome nap.

Me shooting... HA!!!

My 'little' brother taking a turn...

My mama TRYING to look tough... HA!

Clearing the room... getting the 'bad guy' 

Brother's turn...

Yeah sooooo......

Then, school started back (thank goodness).  Didn't take long for our rotation of sickness to begin.  I'm pretty sure that I am now currently wrapping up this cycle but it definitely took a toll on us.  Sick babies are the most difficult.  A 1 year old just won't sit and watch a movie/TV.  No, instead... 'mommy... hold me...' was stuck on REPEAT!!!!  Let's just say that one night I cooked dinner with my 26lb son in the ring sling that I used to tote him around in lying on my chest.  Yeah... fun...  But, like I said, hopefully it's over (even though no one toted me around while I was sick... HA!).

Well, there's a pretty quick catch up.  How about you all?  How were you're holidays?  How has the New Year gone thus far?  I know that there are a LOT of pinterest folks out there crafting it up.  What new fun things have you been making??  I'd love to hear it!

I have missed you guys and posting!  But, watch out... I'm BACK!!!

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