If we're being honest, I said I was back in well, like February... hmmm... Since I haven't posted since, I guess it's safe to say that life has been busy, to say the least.  Don't get me wrong, I know that life is busy for everyone... I just feel better if I explain to you why I haven't posted.

The GOOD news is, I've got stuff coming!!!  I have entered into a 'busy' season in my life.  I'm doing some SERIOUS spring cleaning/organizing and utilizing some some clever/crafty ideas thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest.

God blessed me with a first born that was an AMAZING sleeper.  She took BIG naps twice a day and then would sleep 13+hours/ night VERY early in life.  Who wouldn't want to have another kid when things are THAT good?

Hmmm... God has a funny sense of humor doesn't He?

My sweet little guy.  He's destined to have career involving EARLY mornings.  He was pretty regular with rising and shining anywhere between 5:30-6:00 AM.  Yeah, Mommy does NOT do 5:30 very well.  And it wasn't like I could just bring him into bed and snuggle or even watch cartoons (and he's 23 months, so it's not like watching some early morning cartoons is a completely far fetched idea).  I'd bring him into my bed.  He would sit up perfectly straight (no lights on... no indication that we are actually going to be getting 'up') and DECLARE "BREFF-EST!!!"  Needless to say, probably about 90% of the time, I was up and moving, against my will.

It came time for 'springing forward' this year.  I was pumped.  I know, it doesn't seem to make sense.  Who is excited about LOSING an hour?  THIS GIRL!  Can't you just see it?  5:30AM- 6:00 AM now becomes 6:30AM-7:00AM... SEVEN AM????  That's unheard of!!  Joke was on me.  NO CHANGE.  AT... ALL.. :-(

I decided to do what any good American would do, I googled it.  There were tons of products out there to help your little ones sleep.  But, I found this one on Amazon and instantly thought that my little guys would LOVE it.  And he DID!!

The concept is simple.  When MoMo's (the monkey) eyes are shut, so are yours.  If MoMo's eyes are open, yours can be too!  The cool thing is, there is SO MUCH potential with this clock.  I can teach numbers.  I can teach digital clock reading.  I can teach analog clock reading.  I can set music to play to WAKE him up (if for some STRANGE reason I needed that).  Bottom line is, the product works great for us because it is one that can transition with us as we grow.  He's still in a crib now, so if we can drive the idea home BEFORE he's in a toddler bed, I think we'll be good to go.

So here are a couple of pictures of my little man waking up from his nap and saying, 'hello!' to MoMo! It really is the cutest thing.  He says good morning and night night to his monkey friend EVERY night!!

Oh... AND, I couldn't buy one for my son without getting big sister one!  She has a pink/blue one in her room.  She decided to name hers MiMi.

Funny story.  She was a little, well, apprehensive with hers at first.  I think that she thought it may have been alive... with the whole 'eye shutting' stuff.  The first night, she asked me to put it in her brother's room.  HA!  What a wimp!  And... a good big sister, right?!  I left it and she was fine after that.  The next day, during naps I forgot to set the time to wake up MiMi (not wake HER up, just be awake when nap time was over).  Anyhow, after a serious 3 hour nap, she got up... went to the bathroom... and went BACK INTO BED!  I went in to check on her.  She told me that MiMi was still sleeping.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  Where have you been all my life?!



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