Happy Valentine's Day!!

Ok, so I'm NOT a mushy gushy Valentine's Day type of person.  BUT, the idea of making Valentine's Day things, well now, THAT is fun!

We started the day off with a YUMMY Pinterest inspired breakfast.  Click here to check it out.  I for SURE used canned cinnamon rolls.  I unrolled them half way and the curled the other side back to make a heart shape.

Popped them in the oven, drizzled on the cream cheese topping... and... YUMM-O!!  Heart shaped cinnamon roll breakfast!!
(I TOTALLY sent some in to her teachers too)

At school this year for her Valentine's Day party, we decided to do the same thing as last year (we're at a new school).  We got the idea from something I saw on Saving My Family Money's page.  It's super cute and SUPER easy!!!

We just took a picture of her with her arm extended up and out, like she was handing you something.  Stuck that picture into a photo card, and cut 2 slits.  One cut is right above her hand and the other is right below.  Then, we slid in a lollipop aaaaaaaaaand... VIOLA!  Adorable, right?  The card, not the kid (but she IS...HA)!

Ok, and here's something that we did that makes the teacher in me REALLY excited!!  I used highlighter to write her classmates names, and then SHE used a pencil to write the letters on the highlighter.  She can write most letters, but when she attempts to write a 'word' they end up ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Bless her sweet 3 year old heart.  She's doing great and I just thought that this practice was a HUGE help!  Here's what they looked like:

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