Carpet Playtime

I saw this idea on a friends Facebook post... and it really got my mind going.  She posted this picture...

How AWESOME is this?  She said that it only took her 10 mins.... a little masking tape... and her little man was LOVIN it for HOURS!!!

I'm just saying... those special car mats are EXPENSIVE!  What a GREAT solution!  Thanks SO much for sharing Jenae!

Here's where MY mind went... our play room has one of those cheapy $20 rugs from Wal-Mart.  I made that into a little 'town'... with masking tape of course!

My kids had a BLAST as well.  

So, then... I got to thinking.  The possibilities are really endless here.  I was thinking I could make a mat with a grid... put in numbers, or shapes, or letters.  We could LEARN on the mat with a game.  Kids LOVE active HANDS-ON learning!  You know, most people have no clue how much a kid CAN learn.  They are like little SUPER absorbent sponges!!  Repetition... Repetition... Repetition... your little people will blow you away with what they can learn if you take the time to teach them AND make it FUN!  So... seriously... I'm talking about EARLY ages here... like 12mo and up.  Even if they can't 'talk'... if they can MOVE, you can do these.  Just have them 'find' the letter.

Picture this... telling your kids to find the 'A' and jump on it.  Or... find the 'B', stand on it and shout 'B!'    They could find the letter and tell you the sound.  OR you could say the sound and see if they can find the letter.  I mean... can you HEAR my gears turning here???  How about, find the letter that starts (or ends) the word Pig... OR find a vowel.  

I would recommend that if you are starting with a little one that isn't familiar with letters, start ONE letter at a time.  Make them SUPER familiar with THAT letter, then add others.  Don't make a grid with the entire alphabet and hope that they can find the letter you ask.

You could do the SAME with numbers OR shapes.  Kids LOVE to learn and be successful!  PLUS, they LOVE to have fun WHILE learning and being successful!

Summer is coming y'all... get ready with some EDUCATIONAL FUN!!!!

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  1. such the teacher mommy! :) <3 it!
    now.... if you could just get your fun, out of the box, ideas that require physical activity and could even be done OUTSIDE... into classrooms!! (especially those with BOYS in them!!) we'd be conquering the world! :) jus sayin!

    Good job mama!