Updating Outlets

I have decided to take 'spring cleaning' to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  I have decided to do some painting and some small updating as well as the usual organizing and deep cleaning.  It's a task, but man do I feel GREAT afterwards.  

So, this is a small task that I've taken on and I LOVE what it's done for the house.  Just so you know, I've updated the light switches too.  I'll post those pics soon!  Our house was built in the 80s and I'm pretty POSITIVE that the outlets that I took out have been there since day 1!  They were old and crumbly, probably not too safe either, so I feel like I did a really great thing... more than just making it look pretty.

So, here's a step by step, on what I (not an electrician) did to change the outlets.  BIG thanks to my friend, Mary for helping me get started!!

Here's what they looked like in the beginning... YUCK!

First step is to find AND turn off the breaker for the outlet that you are going to change.

Bought this nifty device.  I plug it in and it tells me if I turned off the right breaker.  VERY important!!  No lights = RIGHT BREAKER!  WOO HOO!!

IF you have trouble finding the right breaker, you can always just flip the main (I did that a couple of times with light switches).

Once, the breaker IS off, remove the wall plate.

Then, remove the old outlet.

 Here's what you'll have left... wire spaghetti... YUM!!  Notice that I pulled the wires that are white up and the black ones down.  Be sure that YOU pay attention to the wires when you're taking them off.  

Next, grab your NEW, PRETTY, SHINY, outlet... <3

There are screws on either side of the outlet.  The ones that I bought had gold screws and silver screws.  The gold screws were for the black wires and the silver screws were for the white wires.  The GREEN screw is for the 'ground' wire (which, for me, was the solid copper wire).

So, I attached the copper wire to the green screw and the white ones to the silver screws.  I had to cut some of the wire covering to wrap the wire around the screw tightly.  

The top screw wasn't wrapping well here...

Sooooooooo, I used these needle nose pliers and squeezed it real tight.


Then, tighten the screws, and shove it all back in there.  Attach the outlet with the screws provided.

Flip the breaker and test the outlet BEFORE putting the wall plate back on.

Two lights... 


 Put the wall plate back on.

Step back and admire your handy work!!

Here's a BEFORE shot again... incase you forgot...

YUCK!!!!  Simple changes... SO EASY!  AND inexpensive.  I bought outlets for $0.59 and wall plates for $1.19... and brought them into the 21st century!!

THANKS to CASA CULLEN for this great idea!!!!


  1. THANK YOU for the shout out!
    Such a small change but massive impact!
    Love y'all, xo

  2. :) Yay! Looking good! Cant wait to see more! :)